Best Fine Dining and Drinking Place

Best Fine Dining and Drinking Place


We love restaurants as much as you do. That’s why we’ve been helping them fill tables. Welcome to David Brown’s Restaurant.

About David Brown

Tucked away in the corner of Penang’s iconic Penang Hill lies David Brown’s at Strawberry Hill, a quintessential British colonial Restaurant and Tea Terrace which also happens to be the highest restaurant in Penang.

Hidden between lush greenery, this hidden gem sitting on a ‘hill upon a hill’ atop Strawberry Hill is the perfect setting to create meaningful memories with your loved ones – be it a wedding between lovebirds, a party to showcase your lifestyle or just to hang out with loved ones, friends and family.

David Brown’s is ideal for company function/dinner, seminar, product launch, training, management meeting, annual or family dinner. Our friendly and professional service staff is there to ensure your requirements are met unobtrusively.

Outside, David Brown’s allows a spectacular view of every significant landmark on the Pearl of the Orient. The impressively well-manicured garden with an elegant pond stretching across the garden, sprinkled with lilies and dimly illuminated by a light-yellow tint in the evening sets the scene for al fresco dining for 50 guests or more.

Opening hours

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Monday to Friday
Saturday to Sunday
RESERVATION NUMBER:+604-828 8337 / 018-409 6277



David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terraces, Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-828 8337 / 018-409 6277
Email: st.penanghill@gmail.com
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